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Being active has always been a passion of mine and I look forward to sharing that with you.

I studied physical and health education at the University of Western Ontario and taught physical and health education in elementary schools before starting our family.

Now as a working mom with four wonderfully active children, I have steered my passion into team and sport conditioning as well as personal training. 

Working both in the schools and on the ‘playing field’ to develop foundations of athleticism is what I love to do.  Helping children and youth develop their athletic potential and become winners in sport and life with a life long love of being active, fit and healthy is the greatest reward of this profession.

As well, I know the challenges that come from juggling a family, work and fitness.  Let me help you build fitness and good nutrition into your life.  My personal training sessions work for you and with you – to get you where you want to be whether you’re new to fitness, a weekend warrior or striving for the podium.  I will help you will discover the joys and benefits of being fit, strong and healthy!

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Personal Training with Amy Baumen