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Amy Baumen Personal Training

The longest lasting, most enduring buildings (the Coliseum in Rome, the CN tower, etc.) are built on a strong foundation.  Our bodies are no different.  We need a strong foundation to be active, fit and enjoy the fun of sport and fitness our whole lives long.

ab Personal Training & Fitness is about building athleticism and a strong athletic foundation.

ab Personal Training & Fitness is a functional, progressive training program that is programmed to meet the individual needs of a team or class.

ab Personal Training & Fitness stands for: fun, functional, intense, interval, type training.

At ab we build athleticism from the inside out and from the ground up!  Through training balance, movement and strength components we ensure that the athletes develop the necessary fundamental movement patterns and skills necessary to perform in their sport.  We start with the basic movement skills and progress towards more sport specific and dynamic movement skills in order to best prepare the athlete for the level at which they compete.

At ab we use equipment that challenges the athlete in real life and real sport situations.  We train the body to be strong from the inside out and develop total body linked strength.  You will see and use the following modalities throughout an ab program for developing balance,movement and linked strength.

  • Balance developed with the use of balance boards, BOSU, stability balls, ballast balls, resistance bands, agility hurdles and ladders, etc.
  • Strength developed with the use of resistance and overspeed bands, medicine balls, benches, free weights, plate weights, olympic bars, etc.
  • Movement and speed developed through the use of agility ladders and hurdles, pylons and grid patterns, BOSU, overspeed and resistance training, etc.

Never before in history have the demands on young athletes been so great.  It is imperative that we prepare and progress them properly for the demands of their sport by building athletes with a strong core, general athleticism and fundamental movement skills.  This helps to ensure that our young athletes remain playing injury and pain free. 

What does a dry land program include?

  • Training that is progressive and sport specific.
  • Training that develops endurance, strength, balance, mobility, speed, agility, read and react skills, and quickness.
  • Training sessions that are fun and a full hour (60 min) long.
  • Training programs based on the TWIST SPORT CONDITIONING paradigms.
  • Team rates.

Train your team smartly.
Train your team to be strong from the inside out.
Train with (fit)² and ab personal training and fitness.