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What's Included

Personal training is just that – personal and customized. A program is built just for you to help you achieve the personal goals you have set out.  No two programs are alike.

All personal training programs begin with an initial consulation. It is here that your personal and performance goals are identified and recorded.

Next, an individulaized personal training program is built just for you with detailed descriptions of exercises, reps, sets and frequencies of workouts.

Personal Training sessions are then booked according to your schedule and availability and can take place in your own home gym, in the Muskoka Fit personal training studio or outdoors off-site.

Personal Training programs also come complete with:

  • Follow-up call after initial training sessions.
  • Access to web-site question forum, exercises and blog. Answers delivered within 24 hr.
  • Nutritional support, information and recipes.
  • Full hour long sessions (60 min) or half hour sessions (30min).

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Personal Training with Amy Baumen