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At ab Personal Training and Fitness training is customized using the best traditional and functional training methodologies available today to meet your personal goals and objectives of fitness, body composition and performance.

It is not your typical workout. We are not your typical gym.

At ab you won’t see stacks of weights and large machines that train muscles in isolation. By training the body smartly you are prepared for all of life’s challenges while limiting the chance of injury – regardless of age. At ab we train you like an athlete. Our personal training programs will challenge, motivate and train you for where you need to be - in a safe, positive and fun environment.

*Personalized training option:
Train by yourself or with a friend, spouse or partner.  Each client receives personalized training and programming.  (Limit two per session).

Personal TrainingOur Promise to you:
Our mission is to help you become fitter, stronger and healthier. We will accomplish this through developing an individualized, progressive, personalized training program that will reflect your commitment, specific goals and objectives in a realistic, attainable, safe and fun environment.

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Personal Training with Amy Baumen