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At ab Personal Training & Fitness you and your athletes are trained with the best traditional and functional training methods available today. Athletes develop the speed, agility, quickness, endurance, strength, balance and movement skills needed to get them competition ready using a variety of training modalities.  Training varies from general to sport specific depending upon experience, level, goals, expectations and age of athlete(s).

Team Sport Conditioning:

Individual sport conditioning:

  • recreational or high performance
  • adult or youth
  • sport specific or general athletic foundations
  • sport nutrition

Personal TrainingOur Promise to you:
Our mission is to help the athlete reach their sport specific performance goals.  I will accomplish this through developing progressively challenging and sport specific training programs that train speed, agility, endurance, mobility, quickness, strength, balance and movement skills in a positive, motivational, intense, safe and fun environment.

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Personal Training with Amy Baumen